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Missed a Court Date? Do you think you have a warrant?

Did you miss a court date or think you may have a warrant? We can assist you with finding this information out and get the warrant cleared. When you have an active warrant, you are subject to being arrested anywhere at anytime. The best way to take care of this is to call a bail agent to assist with your surrender.

In most traffic and misdemeanor cases, a “walkthrough” can be done to handle the warrant. This process takes under an hour and does not require the defendant to be handcuffed or detained in a cell. The bondman will be present with you during this process. After the bond is posted, the defendant will receive a new court date that day or within 30 days by mail.

If you have a felony warrant, you will have to prearrange a bond with your bondman. This will require you to be booked into the jail and may take several hours. The bondman will then post your bond to start the release process.

Call us now to find your warrant and get it taken care of today.


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