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ARRESTED? What should I do first?

Did you just find out that a friend or family member was arrested? Stay calm and don’t panic. The booking time for an inmate varies on the county but can take from a couple of hours or up to ten hours to be ready to be bonded out. Call us immediately to get started. You want to try to have the inmate’s full name and spelling as well as their date of birth and county they were arrested. Any other information such as charges, bond amount, date and time of arrest may be helpful to start the process but is not necessary.

We will keep you informed during the booking process so the bond can be posted as fast as possible. In some cases, the inmate may have charges that are not “bondable”. This will require them to appear at a specific court date to get a bond set. In Broward County, the first appearance court or “bond court” is televised and can be viewed in the link below.

The fee or premium is what is paid to the bail bonds agent to post the bond. This fee or premium by law is either 10% of the total bond or $100 for bond amounts under $1000. In addition to the fee, we require someone to “sign” for the bond which holds them responsible for the defendant’s court appearances until the case is over. A “signer” may be asked to pledge assets, cash or other items of monetary value to secure the bond but is not always necessary.

After the bond is posted, it can take several hours until the inmate is released. We will be available during this time to provide updates and an estimated time of release for the inmate.

We are confident that you will feel at ease once you decide to call us to get your friend or loved one out of jail. Our trustworthy and courteous staff will be available to make sure this stressful situation is handled quickly and confidentially.

Please click here for our Bail Bond Procedure page for more detailed information.


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